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Tim Bulmer Oxford 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Tim Bulmer Oxford 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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Here we have the home of prestigious education, Fancy fashionistas of the oxford shoe, The city of dreaming spires and the foundation for the fantastical world of the Harry Potter filmset!

JRR Tolkein was a professor here, where the cosmology of middle earth soon appeared. Maybe you’ll find the hidden door, from Christchurch to Merton College there’s so much to explore!

Upon the hill lies Uffington's Big white horse but was it the hills that inspired Tv’s Inspector Morse? This map is full of fun facts and history, did you know one of England's first cups of coffee was drunk here in 1650?

Lewis Carroll famously studied at Oxford, dreaming up in the gardens, the whimsical wonderland of Alice and some epic tea party adventures, leaving you curiouser and curiouser just like this magnificent map of Oxford.

With Oar Inspiring boat races, Oxford’s the home and heart of many famous faces, Rich in culture and mystery. The city of Bicycles and trees is such a beautiful place to be, as the streets are full of mesmerizing museums and gorgeous galleries. Discover Oxford like never before in this stunning Illustrated map by Tim Bulmer.

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