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Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat - All Jigsaw Puzzles - EASY TO STORE!

Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat - All Jigsaw Puzzles - EASY TO STORE!


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This jigsaw puzzle roll mat is a wonderful way to store and preserve uncompleted jigsaw puzzles!

Simply piece together your puzzle on the roll mat, and when you're ready to stop, simply inflate the tube, place at the end of the mat and roll up your puzzle! A storage bag is included to keep your puzzle safe. You can come back to your puzzle anytime by simply unrolling the mat. The special material on the mat keeps the puzzle pieces secure. This mat is a fantastic space saving solution, so you can save the dinner table for eating, rather than coating it in puzzle pieces!

Even better, when you're finished using the roll mat, simply deflate the tube and pack it all back in the box. It is really handy to store away for next time.

This roll mat is suitable for up to 1000 piece puzzles.

Puzzle not included.


- 1 felt mat for your jigsaw puzzle
- 1 inflatable tube
- 1 storage bag
- Measures 46 x 26 Inches

Pump to inflate the tube not included. Can be inflated by breathing into the tube or with a pump.

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