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Personalised Heart Shaped Photo 201 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Personalised Heart Shaped Photo 201 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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A beautiful Personalised Heart Shaped Photo Jigsaw Puzzle that makes the perfect gift for a loved one. Place a photo you love on a heart shaped jigsaw puzzle.

Remember a wonderful moment with our heart shaped photo jigsaw. This high quality jigsaw puzzle which will be hand finished by our expert craftsmen would make a lovely gift for a loved one.

Memories are precious and a photo turned into a jigsaw puzzle is a wonderful way to celebrate a special memory – and with our unique ordering system, creating your own puzzle couldn’t be simpler. Imagine the pleasure the recipient will feel when they open their gift to find a box personalised with your chosen image and your own message, and inside it a wonderful jigsaw which allows them to rebuild that special memory or moment piece by piece. This heart shaped jigsaw guarantees hours of fun and intrigue as the pieces come together to recreate that special image. It could be a photo of a family member or friend, a much loved pet, a favourite holiday snap - or a place of particular significance perhaps – the choice is yours.  Each unique puzzle is made up of 201 pieces, with a special heart-shaped piece in the middle. Your jigsaw will arrive in an attractive presentation box, which, for that added personal touch, contains an area on the box lid allowing you to write your own message to the recipient.

Dimensions: 35 x 31cm

Number of Pieces: 201

Create your very own personalised photo jigsaw puzzle in minutes.

Before you get started please take some time to read the following information to get the best out of your personalised jigsaw.

  • The better the quality (image resolution) of your original image the better the jigsaw will be. Choose a digital photo taken on a high quality setting, or an image scanned at 300dpi. Images that are light and have bright colours look the best. Please bear in mind that if your original image is poor, then the image we reproduce is going to be poor.
  • Please make sure the photo you are uploading is in a JPEG format. Most digital cameras automatically take pictures in this format.

  • You can add a special message to the box of the jigsaw puzzle - just click on the text box when you are making your puzzle and you will be able to type in your message.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to not recreate images that appear to invade the privacy of persons in the image.
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