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Dogs In A Spring Cottage Garden 1000 Piece Jigsaw

Dogs In A Spring Cottage Garden 1000 Piece Jigsaw


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Spring has sprung, imagine entering this fragrant garden as you immerse yourself in this brightly coloured scene, scattered with beautiful flowers.

Lots of delightful dogs happy to greet and guide you around this quaint, country cottage.

Experience a calming sensation as you piece together this picturesque puzzle full of the joys of spring. Step in to serenity as you surround yourself with our fluffy best friends playing around in the garden. The perfect piece for dog lovers and those looking for an idyllic country cottage escape.

We've got daschunds and daffodils, terriers alongside tulips and Labradors relaxing on the lawn to brighten up your days. Bringing you the best of dogs breeds in to this adorable wisteria covered cottage. A pretty 'pawsome' design to get stuck in to this season.

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