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Day at School - Len Epstein 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Day at School - Len Epstein 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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Welcome to the wacky world of Len Epstein! In this very amusing scene, we see a class full of children. At first it seems like a normal day at school, but take a closer look and You'll find some funny things going on.

Looking at the screaming face of the teacher, this is no normal school day, things have totally gotten out of control! Historical figures have been revived and are selling the answers to tests, the cookery teacher has been replaced by an ice-cream vendor and there's a shark in the water play area. With so much chaos everywhere you look, this Len Epstein jigsaw puzzle will be hours of fun to complete.

Len Epstein is a self-taught cartoonist and illustrator based just outside Philadelphia in the US. His drawings are full of detail, funny characters‚ and there‚ are‚ always lots of‚ chaotic events going on.

Dimensions: 66 x 50cm
Number of Pieces: 1000

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