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Chaos on Halloween - No.17 1000 or 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Chaos on Halloween - No.17 1000 or 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles


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Chaos‚ on Halloween is a spook-tacular jigsaw puzzle, available‚ 1000 or 500 Pieces.

It's Halloween, and the whole town are out trick-or-treating! Some of the costumes look a little too real - could they be real ghouls and monsters?‚ There are brain-dead zombies glued to their phones and haunted houses that look like they've come alive! The sky is awash with dark orange colours and is filled with scary bats, watching over the treat-or-treaters! A dog has grabbed the loo roll that one chap has used as his mummy costume - and unbeknown to him, it's being unravelled rather quickly!‚ 

This fang-tastic puzzle will get you in the Halloween spirit and will certainly make you giggle!‚ 

Ricardo Galvao is based in Portugal and started creating his Chaos Jigsaw Puzzle designs in 2015. These funny detailed designs have been very popular, you can take a look at the whole range‚ here.

Available as 500 or 1000 pieces

Dimensions: (500 Piece) 50 x 38cm or (1000 Piece) 66 x 50cm

Number of Pieces: 500 or 1000

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