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Chaos at Christmas Tree Farm - No. 10 1000 or 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Chaos at Christmas Tree Farm - No. 10 1000 or 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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Christmas Tree Shopping is always an exciting part of the holiday season. At Christmas Tree Farm, shoppers are finding the perfect Christmas tree to take home.‚ 

A skier in a giant snowball is careering towards the centre of the yard, while a terrified St Bernard tries to flee the scene. One couple are very pleased with their eco-friendly plastic tree, much to the kids' disappointment.

The beavers have stolen a tree trunk to take home to their dam and a yeti seems to have been confused for a snow-covered Christmas tree. It also seems you can now get 2 Christmas trees for the price of 10,which probably isn't the type of offer the shoppers were looking for.

A comical Jigsaw Puzzle that is perfect for Christmas!

Ricardo Galvao is based in Portugal and started creating his Chaos Jigsaw Puzzle designs in 2015. These funny detailed designs have been very popular, take a look at the whole Chaos jigsaw puzzle range.

Available as 500 or 1000 pieces

Dimensions: (500 Piece) 50 x 38cm or (1000 Piece) 66 x 50cm

Number of Pieces: 500 or 1000

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