Personalised Gifts for 2020 - News, New Products and Sustainability

Personalised Gifts for 2020 - News, New Products and Sustainability

See our personalised gifts for 2020 and what trends we think personalised gifting will take this year.

Happy new year!

Welcome back to the Butler & Hill blog, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and the your 2020 has started with a bang! Today we’re going to share with you some of the new trends for personalised gifts for 2020 that we are excited about in the coming year. Before we get to that we’d like to thank for all your support in 2019 and share our favourite products from last year.

Loving where you live:

The most exciting product launch from 2019 was our colourful new range of ‘I Love My County’ and ‘I Love My State’ jigsaw puzzles. These bright contemporary 400-piece jigsaws cover all the counties in the UK and all the States in the USA. They are full of fun and informative facts about the place where you live. They’ve been very popular and make unique gifts.

I Love My State Map Jigsaw Puzzles Personalised

Piecing Together Personal Memories:

One of our most popular new ranges in 2019 was our Personalised Photo Jigsaw Puzzles. Turning a photo into a jigsaw puzzle is a unique way to share a precious memory. Coming in different shapes and sizes and with the extra special touch of adding a message to the box, these glorious jigsaws have become beloved gifts.  

Planning A Colourful Future:

With bright colours becoming ever more fashionable in interior design we have adapted our products to follow those trends. Our 2020 Family Year Planner is the perfect example of this with a choice of three contemporary colours to choose from, Blue tones, Pastels and Rainbow, there is something to suit every style of décor.

2019 was full of great products, but now it’s time to discover what exciting new trends we predict for 2020!


Just a little bit of history repeating itself:

We’ve all wondered what it would have been like to live in the past and the growing thirst for more information about the history of our homes is on the rise. With the success of our ‘My House History – A Personalised Map Portfolio’ we will be expanding our range of historical maps and jigsaws creating more innovative and fun ways to explore the place you live.


Precious keepsakes for special occasions:

Every year is filled with special events, important birthdays, weddings, christenings and anniversaries and over the past couple of years we have seen a rise in the demand for more personal gifts. To expand on our successful gift range, we will be making some of our most popular items customisable, so you can give the people dearest to you a personal gift. Keep a close eye out for ‘Photo Dropboxes’ and ‘Map in a bottle’.


Personalising your plans:

You loved our range of modern wall planners; the choice of colours and date ranges were extremely appealing. Now we now have a way to make these even more fun by making them personalised. Watch this space for our customisable range.


A brighter future for us all:

Not a new design prediction but just as important. We’re predicting and currently working towards making our products as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can. That might mean some changes to the materials we use to create our products or creating more lines like our perpetual planners that can be used again and again.

It’s so important that businesses like us at Butler & Hill take responsibility for our actions and try to encourage shopping sustainably, we hope you’ll join us in fighting against the climate emergency.


Thanks for joining us today and keep checking in on our blog for more interesting ideas in the future. 

From everyone at here at Butler and Hill, we hope you have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2020!

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