Interesting facts about 2020 at Butler & Hill

Interesting facts about 2020 at Butler & Hill

Some interesting facts about 2020 at Butler & Hill

It’s no surprise that this year has been a record breaker on multiple counts. Inconceivably challenging and an unseasonable number of online shoppers. With almost 9 months of 2020 having been affected by the pandemic, people all around the world have learned to spend a lot more time on indoor hobbies like jigsaw puzzles.

For some, lockdown has been an almost perfect escape from those social events you just didn’t want to attend, but one of the biggest negatives has been boredom. After a few fast months; endless video calls, TV watching, and content streaming becomes just too much to take… the perfect solution to cure those square eyes? Jigsaw Puzzles!

Here are some interesting statistics from this year at Butler & Hill UK:


From January to December, compared to the same period in 2019,


63% Increase in Orders

86% New Visitors

8% Increase in Male Visitors

3% Increase in age 65+ Visitors

120% Increase in Visitors from Ireland

93% Increase in Australian Visitors

313% Increase in Visitors from Austria


A big welcome to all our lovely new customers!


You may have noticed many of the products on our website have been sold out or unavailable for the majority of 2020. We’re really sorry about that, it was a decision we didn’t take lightly.

Butler and Hill is a subsidiary company of Map Marketing Ltd, our one warehouse in Devon takes care not only of Butler and Hill orders, but also those of Map Marketing, All Jigsaw Puzzles and Geopacks. Such a vast array of products under one roof means our skilled production team works awfully hard all year round. During the lockdowns, the increase in personalised map jigsaw puzzle sales really hit the warehouse hard (in a brilliant way!). The management team made the tough decision that in order to keep all the staff safe and socially distanced whilst dealing with the huge increase in orders, we would stop producing many of our other items.

We rearranged our warehouse so we could focus on jigsaw puzzles as we believed they had the biggest positive impact on people’s lives during the pandemic. We reallocated the staff who worked on framing, map gifts and wooden products onto jigsaw puzzle production and fulfilment and have upped our output to nearly 3000 jigsaws a day! 

Much of the time, people see the year gone by as strange or difficult, when it really hasn’t been. 2020 is definitely not one of those years. You would be forgiven for wanting to forget this year entirely, but the best advice we can give is don’t forget it. Remember the journey we have been on together. Remember the highs and the almighty lows and learn from them for the future. However much you’ve missed your family and friends, know that they are just a Zoom call away. You’ve come this fa
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