12 Date Ideas for Lockdown Valentine's

12 Date Ideas for Lockdown Valentine's

It’s Valentine’s Day! But not quite as you know it…


We know this Valentine’s day will be markedly different for millions of couples around the world, with some partners not able to see each other, others being thrown into living together and some attempting dating in lockdown! That’s why we’ve put together this short list of 12 date ideas for those of you who still want to keep up the romance, so without further ado…


For Couples Living Apart


  • Netflix Date

Did you know there’s a website you can use to set up your own private Netflix viewing parties? One of the things you might be most missing with being away from your partner is just sitting together and watching your favourite programs at the same time. With ‘Watch Netflix Together’ you can start your program at the same time and keep in touch while you watch.

  • Zoom Dinner

Missing the restaurants? Arrange your own private video dinner! Dress up, make your favourite meal, pour some wine and take it in turns to choose the music. You’ll be remembering those, oh so currently lacking, dining experiences in no time.

  • Personal Quiz

Want to find out how well you really know each other? Put together your lists of questions about yourself or things you remember from your relationship and see how well your partner scores! How old is my mum? When was our first date? What’s my favourite song? Not only is it a great way to keep the conversation lively, you also might find something out about your significant other that you never knew!

  • Board Games!

Choose a classic board game that you both have a copy of and play! It might take you a minute to work out how to do it, but with games like monopoly, you can both set up the board exactly the same as you play (bonus points if you both have different versions but you still make it work!).


For Couples Living Together


  • Candlelit Dinner Date

Order your favourite food or cook together! Make a romantic evening of it, no phones aloud! Catch up with each other about things you wouldn’t normally talk about over some delicious food and drink. Make the effort to share the chores after dinner too!

  • Have a Movie Night

Everyone’s number one hobby at the moment is binge streaming so why not make it an experience? Buy in some popcorn or make a hotdog, drink out of a huge cup with a straw (metal or paper of course) and turn the lights down low to enjoy a classic or a brand new film.

  • Activity Night

Each choose one activity that you love and teach your partner! Try learning things like cooking, knitting, computer games or chess.

  • Enjoy a Jigsaw Puzzle

Turn off the screens and enjoy a jigsaw puzzle for an evening or two. Give your eyes a rest from the blue light and enjoy some peaceful, quiet puzzling together. We suggest…

Personalised 400 Piece Map Jigsaw Puzzle of your home

2020 According to Blower 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Where’s Bowie 500 piece jigsaw puzzle

  • Plant Some Seeds

Take advantage of the time of year and set up a plant station at home! All you need is some little plant pots, some soil and some seeds of your choice to have an alternatively entertaining evening. Watch your seedlings turn into plants over the next few months (if you both remember to water them!)


For Dating in Lockdown


  • Break the Ice Card Games

Try a humorous card game like Cards Against Humanity to break the ice. All the answers are so wildly inappropriate, you’re sure to laugh! If neither of you have the physical card game, you can play online at the official website.

  • Karaoke

If you’re a little braver (or maybe have had a bit to drink) you could try Karaoke with your online date! Learn about their taste in music and how bad they are at singing all while having a laugh both with and at each other!

  • Watch a Cheesy Film

Between Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and all the other streaming services, there are an onslaught of cheesy films around the theme of Valentine’s Day. Have a viewing party and enjoy picking holes in the plot and predicting the cheesy outcome of the movie together. We suggest picking something rated 3 stars or below for extra enjoyability!

  • Make a ‘Getting to Know You’ Quiz

Create your own quiz with apps like Kahoot to enjoy together. Make sure to include a range of completely random questions as well as things that you would genuinely like to learn about your date! What’s your favourite type of Peanut Butter? How many siblings do you have? What’s the best decade for music?


We hope we’ve helped come up with some ideas for your Valentine’s Day 2021! Life can be a little tricky during lockdown, but making the effort for special occasions like Valentine’s Day could be the break in the monotony that you both need – have a lovely weekend!

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