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Mike Jupp Wormberry Jam Bundle Set

Mike Jupp Wormberry Jam Bundle Set


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Save £25 and Collect all 5 of Mike Jupp's Wormberry Jam 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles with this incredible bundle!

These incredible Wormberry Jam jigsaw puzzles feature amazing characters, each with a wonderful story that was dreamt up by the marvellous Mike Jupp when he created a series of cautionary tales for his children. You can now collect them all and save a fantastic £25! Find a puzzle of every season and piece together each of these characters, from Grymnitt in his Winter lair to Priscilla the hedgehog in an Autumnal scene.  

- Priscilla Prickle

- Rubin and the Fog King

- Tally Ho Ho!

- Grymnitt's Lair

- Grymnitt and the Teddy Bear Tree

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